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Missing Persons

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Few things can be more personally crushing than losing somebody that you love. When you are left without answers to someone’s whereabouts, it leaves asking questions of yourself for a lifetime and that is a burden too heavy for anyone to bear. But if you are running out of options and public resources are no longer being directed towards your effort, our team won’t give up on you. At 311 Investigations, we can be there to provide you with the professional and reliable missing persons investigation services that you need. Our team has much experience dealing with such matters and we have achieved good rates of success for our clients, regardless of the complexity of the task. So, if you are looking for closure in your life or the opportunity to reunite with somebody who means the world to you, our team is the friend that you have been searching for.

Missing Person Investigation 

There aren’t many tasks more difficult than locating somebody who has gone missing, particularly if it occurred more than a few years in the past. However, if anybody is capable of doing the job it is us. Our methods of investigation are exemplary and keep up with modern standards for the greatest efficacy. So, no matter who it is that is missing from your life, we’ll work hard to search public and private records, investigate identification and census data, and study the intrinsic nature of your loved one until we have an answer.

Missing Adult 

When we investigate cases of missing adults, we follow a systematic process that has proven to be successful for us many times before. We consult the details of their disappearance and possible motives or causes for it, be it of their own accord or those of more serious concern. While we cannot always promise the outcome of such investigations will be positive, we make every effort to find you the answer to their whereabouts and the steps that took them to that point.

Missing Child 

Perhaps more difficult to undertake is a missing child investigation. After just a few years have passed, a child’s features can drastically change and so too that of their memory. So, when we are approached about located a missing child, we work with haste and conviction, consulting all of the possible evidence available to us for any indication of their whereabouts. Again, while we can only hope to find your child in a safe and well condition, we will still work with all of our efforts to learn what happened to them and where they can be found.

Means of Location 

With us, you always stand the best chance of finding your loved one and that is down to our ability to combine evidence into a measurable timeline of their disappearance. In most missing persons cases, various circumstances can easily be linked and are often easily constructed to point out the directions that we should be taking. So, we combine all of the evidence available to us to follow these trails and that, ultimately, gives us the greatest chance of success on every case that we take.

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