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Domestic and Infidelity

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Unfortunately, domestic matters can be some of the hardest to prove evidence of and can often be overlooked by both your peers and your family members. However, things like domestic violence, child abuse, and infidelity often go on behind closed doors and are much more common than many expect. And, if you feel like you want to take action for either yourself or somebody you know, it can be hard to gather the resources to build a case. But when you come to us, at 311 Investigations, we make sure that you are given the help that you need. As a leading team of private domestic investigators, we can help you gather proofs and prepare reports of any kind of domestic matter. You simply need to contact us with your concerns and we can assure you of a personalized, confidential, and most importantly, effective private investigation.

Domestic Violence 

Domestic violence is a very real concern that occurs in the homes of many and nowadays, many more people are beginning to take notice of it. However, it can still be hard to evidence if you are planning on taking the matter to a lawyer, and in many cases, it can be difficult to prove your violence to your own family members. That is why, if you feel as if you need genuine help from people who care and understand, you need to be contacting our team. We can help you gather more than sufficient evidence and ultimately, help you confront the next step in your life without any fear.

Child Abuse and Nanny Monitoring 

Just as much so, child abuse can be much more common than many of us are aware of. Be it at the hands of a family member, a trusted friend, or a nanny or babysitter, it is a serious matter and one which you need to be acting on. And, to do that, our tailored child abuse investigation services could be very valuable to you. We can help you monitor your children and their surroundings, to gather evidence for you to use through the relevant courses of action.

Suspected Infidelity 

Few things can as be as personally damaging to a person as an unknown extramarital affair. This can be something that inflicts many couples and is reasonable grounds for a divorce. But regardless if you wish to take the matter to a divorce court or you simply wish to bring your concerns to your partner, directly, we can help you do it. When you map out your concerns to us, we can help you collect evidence from various outlets that will finally give you the answers and closure that you have been pining for.

Private Surveillance

One of the main resources that we use in our domestic investigation matters is private surveillance. It can be hard to prove any household matters without evidence and that is why methods of surveillance are so vital. Our team can help you install video cameras, monitor texts, and we would even be glad to directly monitor your person of interest, should you ask for it. You simply have to tell us what you are comfortable with us doing and we can assure you of a discreet yet effective execution.

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