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Custody and Divorce Cases

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When you go consider divorcing your spouse, many concerns can come rushing to your mind. You can easily be left with doubts and uncertainties that don’t allow clarity of thought and the emotional burden can weigh down heavy on you. You want to handle the process swiftly and calmly, however, this can’t always be the case. So, to help you gather the evidence that you need and to affirm the concerns that you already have, you might like to have the support of our private investigators. We can help you review your divorce case and work out all of the details going forward so that you can begin getting your life plans back on track. So, whether you are looking to create the fairest grounds for child custody or you are concerned about key assets being hidden by your partner, you can trust us to help quell them all.

Divorce Case Investigation 

Our team has worked on countless divorce cases over the years and by now, we understand the range of needs and concerns that our clients have. At the end of the day, a divorce must go through a divorce court and that means that you need to build a case. So, we work hard to build the strongest one for you by applying our discreet yet effective methods of investigation. Whether surveillance is required or you need somebody who can look into the information that goes much deeper than public records suggest, you can always trust us to give you the greatest chances of a smooth and favorable divorce.

Building Evidence 

The most important thing in every step of a divorce is building evidence. While the state of Alabama does allow a divorce to be granted on solely the impossibility of reconciliation, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the terms are going to be in your favor. However, if there are more important details to factor into the equation, you need to have sufficient evidence to support your claims. And, for that, our thorough methods of investigation are what you need. Simply discuss your concerns with us and we can begin to tailor the most suitable method of investigation, with your consent.

Child Custody 

Child custody is the biggest part of any divorce for a majority of families who go through it. Nothing is more important than your kids and we understand this. That is why we apply a lot of effort towards our clients’ concerns over child custody and how we can win favorable grounds for them. You wouldn’t want to see your kids being in the care of somebody unfit or unsafe to be doing so and with our investigation techniques, that is what we can stop from happening.

Hidden Assets 

Moreover, if you think that your spouse might be hiding important assets from you and the divorce court, you need to know. You could be left unfairly treated and without the rights to what should legally be yours if you have no proof of its existence. So, you would no doubt benefit from our investigative support to affirm the whereabouts of any important assets, without the knowledge of your partner.

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