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Civil Lawsuit Investigations

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Today, everybody is protected by their ability to conduct a civil lawsuit for a range of different matters. When you have a personal dispute or one with an existing or former employer, you can challenge them through the relevant legal means to come to the fairest outcome. And while this is usually always the case, there are many circumstances where your justified lawsuit can be contested by unfair and unethical arguments. These could significantly sway the outcome of the lawsuit and that can leave you without fair closure or compensation. At 311 Investigations, we know that isn’t right and that is why we offer our support, in the form of our civil lawsuit investigations. Our team can help you acquire the evidences that you need to build the strongest case and ultimately, leave you with a justified and favorable conclusion.

Personal Injury
When you have been injured at work through no fault of your own, you rely on your company fairly covering the costs of your recovery and lost income. However, few employers are ever keen to do this and many will fight for their rights to have zero or diminished responsibility. But as the individual, that leaves you unfairly treated and without justified compensation. So, if you would like support to prove your claims and receive the sum of money that you should be entitled to, our private investigations can help you to achieve it.

Contract Disputes
Just as much so, when you have come to the end of a contract that has not been fulfilled, you are well within your right to form a legal challenge. But when companies and benefactors finance legal teams that you just can’t seem to overcome, you need to find a way to fight back. And, through our thorough contract dispute private investigations, that is what we can do for you. We can look deeply into the obligations within the contract and find sufficient evidences of how they were unfairly waivered, so that you can succeed with your lawsuit.

Discrimination Grounds
When you are dismissed on suspected discrimination grounds or are the victim of sexual, racial, religious, or gender-based harassment, it can leave you with significant emotional damage and an unjustified situation. You deserve to challenge your former employers and be rewarded with a fair outcome at the end of a lawsuit. And, with our discrimination private investigations, we can help you to achieve that. We’ll consult available information and conduct our own surveillance to affirm your claims and effectively evidence them.

Uncooperative Witnesses
In many cases of lawsuit, certain witnesses simply do not want to cooperate. Perhaps they are personally unwilling, have been deemed unfit or have been coerced into their decision in some way. Whatever the case, if you suspect that a witness is wrongfully avoiding their court obligations, we can help you find out. We’ll conduct a deep investigation into their reasoning for non-appearance and ascertain if they truly are unable to take part in the process or not.

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