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Adoption Investigations

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In the majority of cases, when a child is put in a position of adoption, it allows them to find a healthier, happier life than they otherwise would have had. However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t various questions left to be asked, particularly as a child grows into an adult. Perhaps you have grown up happily with your foster family and now wish to know who it was that brought you to that point and how. Or, maybe you would like to locate your own child after they have grown up through the adoption system. Whatever the case, you can’t do it alone. You will need to access records and resources to find the answer which you won’t be able to obtain without professional help. So, instead, you should contact our team and trust in our exemplary adoption investigation services.

Trace Your Birth Parents 

Growing up in an orphanage or living with foster parents naturally leaves you with questions about your own history. It is no surprise that you wish to know who your birth parents are and it is a question that you deserve to have the answer to. So, if you are ready to ask that question and find out for certain, you could use our support. Our private investigators are experts in reviewing available records and finding out about the history of any person. So, with us, you can rest assured that you’ll have the answer that you are looking for in no time.

Trace Your Child

As a parent who gave their child up for adoption, it is perfectly normal to feel some guilt. And even though you know you did it for the sake of bettering their life, you may still want to find a way to contact them and let them know that you still care. Our team deeply understands this and that is why we would like to help you achieve it. So, if you would like to locate your child and facilitate communication with them, we can respectfully and safely make it happen.

Reliable Identification 

Our methods of identification are highly accurate and therefore, completely reliable. We know how to locate people in any circumstance and doing so for an adopted child is seldom out of our reach. We’ll consult the necessary records and files available to us to trace the history of any child or parent and find discreet ways to track them down. Then, with your consent, we can make any relevant approaches and take the steps that you want us to.

Proving Heritage 

Your primary concern may be proving your own heritage. It can be fulfilling to build your own family tree to understand your roots and we want to help all of our clients facilitate this. And, given that proof of heritage plays a key role in our uncovering of your relatives, you can bet that we can provide it to you. No matter the relation, you simply need to ask and we’ll make sure that you can accurately prove your heritage to any person in particular.

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